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From sole proprietorship to an international network:

1960 After completing his apprenticeship as a window designer and studying at technical college, Joachim Wieser founds a sole proprietorship for the design and decoration of shop windows in Berlin.
1975 After gaining experience and growing with the challenges met over a fifteen-year period, the company, trading under the name of Joachim Wieser Schauwerbung, moves to a new location in Berlin, expands further and opens a branch office in Hamburg in 1976.
1977 Together with four business associates Joachim Wieser founds the now highly successfully AVS—Agentur für Verkaufsförderung und Schauwerbung GmbH in the Düsseldorf area.

The challenges to be met continue to grow:

1987 Alongside a wide range of tasks, the beauty and cosmetics sector steadily gains significance within the company.
1988 The graphics and screen printing department is converted into an external limited partnership through substantial investment in state-of-the-art computer technology.
1994 Another office is set up in addition to the Hamburg-based subsidiary.
1998 By merging the Joachim Wieser Schauwerbung sole proprietorship, the Hamburg and Leipzig-based subsidiaries and parts of the limited commercial partnership Communication Wieser and Partner KG, Joachim and Robert Wieser found the company Visual Merchandising Wieser GmbH in Berlin, thus bringing all competences under one roof.
2006 In addition to the existing visual merchandising offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden/Leipzig, further offices in regions across Germany and in neighbouring European countries are set up with cooperation partners.
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